A letter addressed to the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation is revealing that the Office of the Governor General did indicate that none of the property at King’s House would be available for the charity concert after 2018.

The letter from King’s House, addressed to the Director of the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation, Rebecca Packer Burrell is being circulated on social media.

Mrs. Burrell is also Shaggy’s wife.

The letter seems to contradict a statement yesterday from the Governor General’s office clarifying it’s position on the use of the property for the ‘Shaggy and Friends Concert’.

According to King’s House yesterday, the organizers were advised that in the future, the East Lawn would not be available and they would need to revert to the previous arrangements for parking, that is, the West lawn.

This statement is being refuted based on the letter released by the Foundation.

It says the January 2018 staging is the last occasion on which King’s House was prepared to make any of its property available for the concert or any other event or any other of a similar nature.

The letter further encouraged the organisers of what it described as an important concert on the calendar for musical and charitable events to plan early for a more appropriate and conventional location.