Attorney at law, Danielle Archer, says the five convicted in the Manchester Municipal Corporation fraud case are considering an appeal.

According to Archer, the Manchester Municipal Corporation fraud trial has revealed that about 50 million dollars was pilfered, and not 400-million as has been reported in the media.

The five persons convicted on corruption charges were yesterday sentenced in the Manchester Parish Court.

Former Superintendent of Roads and Works at the Corporation Sanjay Elliot, the mastermind behind the scheme has been sentenced to five years in prison at hard labour.

Ms Archer explained the factors the judge considered in sentencing Mr Elliot.

Ms Archer says the judge highlighted the lack of remorse expressed by the accused.

And she says the judge also emphasized that some of the accused were public servants and breached public trust.

She says the judge seemed to be using the sentencing as a deterrent to other public servants who may want to engage in corruption.

Danielle Archer, one of the attorneys representing the accused in the Manchester fraud case, speaking last evening on Nationwide @5.