A police sergeant remains in hospital in serious condition this morning following a shoot-out with armed robbers on Tower Avenue in Kingston on Saturday.

He’s said to be in desperate need of blood.

He’s Sergeant Dale Thompson of the Kingston Central Criminal Investigations Branch, CIB.

Head of the JCF’s Corporate Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, provided the update in an interview with our news centre last evening.

The incident occurred as the police confronted a group of gunmen who’d shot and killed a security guard in downtown Kingston and injured two others.

The security guard is 39-year-old Asfidel Harrison of Mahoe Drive, Bridgeport, St Catherine.

Police say about 11:06 Saturday night, Harrison was operating a taxi along King Street, in downtown Kingston.

He was reportedly pounced upon by a man posing as a passenger who pulled a gun and attempted to rob him.

However, Harrison, who is a licensed firearm holder, pulled his gun and challenged the gunman.

Both men were shot.

It’s understood that Harrison then drove to the hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.

The police also report that cronies of the gunman, who were travelling behind Harrison’s vehicle in a BMW, attempted to pick up their injured friend as he attempted to escape.

However, a team from the Hunts Bay Police Station intercepted the vehicle on Tower Avenue in Kingston, where a shoot-out ensued.

That’s when the police sergeant was shot in the head.

Superintendent Lindsay says one of the men has been taken into police custody. The other man abandoned the vehicle and escaped.

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Meanwhile, Superintendent Lindsay says Saturday’s incident brings the total number of police personnel injured in the line of duty over the weekend to three.

Also on Saturday, a motorist was hospitalized and placed under police guard, following what the JCF has described as his attempt to run over a policemen on the Bogue main road in St James.

Reports from the police are the driver was being pursued from Hopewell district, Hanover after he disobeyed a previous stop signal by two police constables in that area.

One of the constables was injured in the incident when the driver disobeyed the stop signal and hit him.

The motorist, who is from Green Island, Hanover, was shot and injured after he attempted to run over the second constable with his motorcar.

And, another JCF member was shot and injured in Portland.

Superintendent Lindsay says the JCF will not be daunted by the incidents.

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