The two policemen who were on trial in the first of the so-called police death squad murder trials have been freed.

Police Constable Collis ‘Chuckie’ Brown and Corporal Rohan Morrison were this afternoon freed of murder in the Home Circuit Court in downtown, Kingston.

Both were accused of murdering 20-year old Fabian Dinnal in May Pen Clarendon in February 2010.

Another man, who was the main witness in the case, was injured during the same incident.

Apart from being acquitted of murder, the policemen have also been freed of a charge of wounding with intent.

The seven-member jury handed down the unanimous verdict after 1:00 this afternoon.

The panel of six women and one man deliberated for approximately 1 hour and 50-minutes.

Brown and Morrison smiled when the verdict was handed down.

They were greeted by a number of police personnel who appeared in court today to support them.

The policemen were on trial for almost five weeks.

Eighteen people gave testimony – including the main witness, who said he was shot and injured by Brown and Morrison.

The main witness also alleged that Fabian Dinnal was killed in cold blood during the same incident. But defence attorneys argued that the main witness is a gunman who was among men who’d opened fire on the police.

Corporal Morrison’s Attorney, Vincent Wellesley, says he believes Justice Jennifer Straw should not have allowed the case to proceed beyond the no case submission.

Mr. Wellesley says the main witness had no credibility and did not implicate his client.

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Mr. Wellesley is criticizing Justice Straw for deciding to rescind his clients bail a few days before the trial ended.

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The case was prosecuted by attorney Annmarie Fuertado Richards.

Mrs. Richards acted on behalf of the Independent Commission of Investigations, which had obtained a fiat from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Meanwhile, Constable Brown remains in custody this afternoon. This, as he had two separate murder cases which are before the court.

His attorney Norman Godfrey welcomed his acquittal.

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