Deputy Opposition Spokesman on Health and Wellness, Dr Shane Alexis, is defending his social media post about the coronavirus.

The post came hours after an emergency media conference at the Health Ministry’s New Kingston office yesterday to quell unconfirmed reports in sections of the traditional media and social media that the University Hospital of the West Indies was treating a suspected case of the coronavirus.

In a tweet late last evening, Dr Alexis wrote, “Please note the Dengue tests for both individuals have returned negative and they both have been diagnosed as having acute viral illness secondary to travel history. Arrangements are now being made for their isolation at home #nCoV2019 #Coronavirus”.

Dr Alexis says his information is reliable.

Dr. Alexis also sought to explain what the tweet meant.

He says to the best of his knowledge the reagent is not available in the country.

Dr Shane Alexis, Deputy spokesman on Health and Wellness.

He was speaking last evening on Nationwide at 5 with Cliff Hughes and Rodje Malcolm.