The National Council of Taxi Association, NCOTA, is distancing itself from a planned protest by transport operators who’ve demanded a 100-percent fare increase. 

The demand was made by the Egeton Newman-led Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, TODSS, and the Louis Barton-led Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators, JATOO. 

General Secretary of NCOTA, Frederick Bryan, says a fare increase is needed.  

But he’s concerned about the timing of the demand. 

He says a protest now would be in poor taste as negotiations with the Transport Ministry are on-going. 

He says he’s satisfied with the responsiveness of Transport Minister Robert Montague, who he says has ordered a study of issues plaguing stakeholders in the sector. 

Mr. Bryan says NCOTA, which is a large umbrella group of transport Associations, is also negotiating with the Minister about concessions to address high fuel and insurance costs. 

He’s also denouncing the indiscipline among players in the sector. 

Mr. Bryan says there’s little effort to integrate transport operators into the system, and this causes them to view the profession as what he calls a ‘hustle’. 

Frederick Bryan, General Secretary of the National Council of Taxi Association, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.