The Corporate Area Parish Court has ordered mediation in the matter between Kyle Butler and his father, Craig.

Both Kyle and Craig Butler have accused the other of assault, following the allegation by Kyle that he was abused by his father since he was a child.

Kyle made the revelation in a series of posts on the social media platform, Twitter, in November, last year. This following another alleged incident following a training session at the Mona High School in St. Andrew, which Kyle says led to him being cut on the hand.

The younger Butler retained the services of Queen’s Counsel, Tom Tavares Finson, while the senior Butler retained the services of attorney Christopher Townsend.

According to Mr. Townsend, both parties will return to court on March 11 to discuss the outcome of mediation.

Mr. Townsend says both parties had one minor issue involving Kyle’s desire to pick up something at home, and Craig blocking to the request.

But he says the issue was settled by all parties with the assistance of the court.

Mr. Townsend says Craig just wants to resolve issues with his son, in indicating both parties are open to mediation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Townsend says the court has issued a social media gag order on both parties.

Christopher Townsend, attorney at law, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide Sport.