The nation’s positivity rate for COVID-19 has dipped slightly when compared to yesterday and is now at 28.2 %.

298 people are now confirmed with COVID 19 bringing the total number with the disease since the start of the pandemic to 132,614 .

There were 168 females and 130 males among the confirmed cases.

The highest number was in Kingston and St Andrew which is reporting 68 cases followed by St Catherine with 67 and St James reporting 57 cases.

An 81 year old was reported to have died this month while the four other deaths reported occurred last year.

One was reported have occurred in January last year, the other in June and two in September.

Fifty-one persons are in hospital with 15 of those moderately ill.

Two are reported to be severely ill and two are critical.

Nearly 90 percent of those hospitalised are unvaccinated.