Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, Rhoda Moy Crawford, is raising concerns about the resources given to parliamentarians to run their constituency offices and provide services to constituents.

The first term MP says the resources are not sufficient to undertake the scope of work often required of MPs. She says parliamentarians are granted only $200,000 to run their constituency offices for the month.

The constituency office is often the centre of activity, where MPs meet constituents and provide crucial services. Crawford says the $200,000 dollar allocation is woefully inadequate, as the cost to run the office sometimes amount to $500,000.

She says in addition to the challenges of funding the operations of the constituency office, rural MPs also face the additional expense of transportation.

While noting she was making no excuses for poor performing MPs, Miss Crawford says parliamentarians are sometimes unfairly criticised for things outside of their control.

Rhoda Moy Crawford, Member of Parliament for Central Manchester. She was speaking on Cliff Hughes Online on Wednesday.