Ricardo Brooks reports.

Today’s sitting of the Senate was thrown into chaos after Opposition Senator, Damion Crawford, accused the Holness administration of governing the country with what he describes as “govament badniss”.

Mr. Crawford, in making his contribution to the budget debate in the Upper House, sought to defend Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Julian Robinson, on the matter of increases in food prices.

He then took aim at the Prime Minister, alleging that persons who criticize Mr. Holness had been arrested and made an example of.

However, the government Senators would have none of it.

In defending Julian Robinson, Mr. Crawford told the Senate that the owner retail outlet that provided the increased prices would prefer that the establishment not to be named due to fears of government retaliation.

The comment drew the ire of Leader of Government Business, Kamina Johnson Smith, who demanded that Mr. Crawford withdraw the comment.

But Crawford would not cave.

Senator Don Wheby appealed to Crawford to consider the implications for the country’s international reputation.

The impasse brought the Senate proceedings to a halt for well over 10-minutes.

Leader of Opposition Business, Peter Bunting intervened in an attempt to cool tempers.

It hardly worked.

Crawford eventually offered a terse withdrawal.