Attorney for Dancehall star, Popcaan, is moving to point out that the artiste is not in trouble with law enforcement.

Earlier this week a gun was found in the possession of a man who was an occupant in a vehicle in which the Artiste was also travelling in.

A video has been circulating on social media with a female narrator saying that the Police had caught Popcaan with a gun.

Popcaan’s given name is Andre Sutherland.

Attorney for the Artiste, Bert Samuels, says the gun was in possession of Pop Caan’s friend and is legal.

Mr. Samuels says it’s important to note that Popcaan was not responsible for the traffic violation and was not found in possession of a firearm.

Mr. Samuels says the incident happened earlier this week.

Bert Samuels, Attorney for Dancehall Star, Pop Caan speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.