Member of Parliament for West Portland Daryl Vaz has launched a re-election bid for himself and his wife, Ann Marie Vaz, who is the Member of Parliament for Portland Eastern.

The launch took place at an Area Council meeting held in the parish.

Mr. Vaz declared the Labour Party under Prime Minister Andrew Michael Holness is unstoppable.

The recent Nationwide/Bluedot polls powered by Total Tools has shown the Labour Party has lost ground in the two key Portland seats, with the Opposition PNP showing a resurgence despite not having named a standard bearer in either of the two constituencies.

But Mr. Vaz says he’s unmoved.

He told jubilant Labourites at yesterday’s Area Council meeting that the party is united now more than ever and that’s what makes it unbeatable.

Daryl Vaz, Member of Parliament for Portland Western speaking at a JLP Area council meeting yesterday.