Former Transport and Works Minister Dr. Omar Davies is defending his decision to come public with certain revelations which have plunged the opposition People’s National Party into further turmoil as the campaign funding scandal deepens.

Speaking on Nationwide at Five last evening, Dr. Davies conceded that his letter to the party’s General Secretary Paul Burke, which was released to the media, had changed the nature of the discussion around senior party members not accounting for millions collected in campaign donations which were not handed over the central treasury.

Dr. Davies says despite possible backlash he felt it was important to speak out.

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In his letter, Dr. Davies claims Burke made statements to the National Executive Council, NEC, giving the impression that Davies collected millions of US dollars from a large Chinese firm, but failed to turn it over to the PNP central treasury.

He also accused Burke of telling the NEC that it’s an established practice for these firms to pay an agent’s fee to someone designated by the portfolio Minister.

Dr. Davies says Mr. Burke outlined one such deal which should have resulted in between 10 and 12 million US dollars being paid over to the PNP.

He says Jamaicans cant be blamed for the perception of corruption within the People’s National Party, PNP, based on statements made by the party’s General Secretary.

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Dr. Davies says the comments made to the NEC were confirmed to him by Burke himself.

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And while Mr. Burke did not specifically call Dr. Davies name, he made this comment to Power 106 yesterday.

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