PNP standard bearer for St Catherine South East, Dr. Alfred Dawes, says misleading information has been published to suggest that he lost the recent selection exercise in the constituency.

According to the political newcomer, this was done to give the impression that he was foisted on the people, who are now resisting.

Deputy Mayor of Portmore and Councillor for the Edgewater division, Alric Campbell, told our news centre he feels wronged by the party, who he says snubbed him, despite him beating Dawes in the internal poll.

But Dr Dawes says he won the selection in a head-to-head poll, and says Mr Campbell’s use of the favourability poll is misleading.

He says it led to a very careless move to rile up supporters.

There were protests in the constituency last week, culminating in an arson attack on the constituency office.

Dr Dawes says it’s not enough to sit by in silence, as keeping quiet suggests you are complicit.

He says he’s starting a crusade to root out such people.

Dr Dawes was recently selected by party president, Mark Golding, to be the PNP’s candidate for the St Catherine South East constituency.

However, the move has proven controversial.

Dr Dawes will attempt to unseat the incumbent, the JLP’s Robert Miller in the next General Elections.