Tyrone Reid reports.

Councilor for the Trafalgar Division in South East St. Andrew, Kari Douglas, is apologizing for standing in the way of a door and demanding an update from a medical doctor about the condition of her child.

The incident occurred at the Bustamante Hospital for Children on the weekend.
It has triggered widespread public discussion.

In a statement this afternoon, Councilor Douglas says she’s taken note of the commentary concerning the incident.

Douglas says due to a number of factors which require urgent attention, altercations within the public health system are not infrequent and often go unnoticed.

But Councilor Douglas says she recognizes that as a public official she has a greater responsibility to show decorum and exercise considerable restraint.

The Councilor says she, therefore, wishes to unreservedly apologize for entering the room where the medical practitioner was and standing in front of the door for approximately one minute – while demanding answers about what she described as the deteriorating condition of her child.

Councilor Douglas says she had initially exercised patience but was provoked by what she described as insensitivity and a lack of compassion.

According to Councilor Douglas, in relation to that aspect of the incident, she’s observing how the situation unfolds and reserves the right to press charges, if necessary.

Douglas says she wishes to thank all her well-wishers who have reached out.

The Councilor says in closing she’s calling for urgent action to be taken to reduce waiting time and improve professionalism and service delivery in the health sector.

Douglas says a suggestion in the public domain that she had difficulty using the normal process to get treatment for her child is untrue.