Anthropologist, Dr. Herbert Gayle is suggesting that doing paternity testing at birth could result in more domestic violence cases.

Central St. James Member of Parliament, Heroy Clarke, told Parliament on Tuesday that he’ll move a motion to have paternity tests done at birth to stem a majority of domestic violence incidents that lead to murder.

Mr. Clarke had quoted Dr. Gayle’s study, which he says points to paternity fraud as the source of many domestic violence incidents.

Dr. Gayle says the move may be counter-intuitive.

Dr. Gayle says several men become angry and aggressive when they learn they were the victims of paternity fraud.

Gender activist, Nadeen Spence, has labelled contents of Dr. Gayle’s study spurious, claiming the research needs to be peer reviewed.

But Dr. Gayle is adamant that his research can be trusted.

Dr. Herbert Gayle, anthropologist.