There’s a 95-percent chance that a person living with HIV who are on anti-retro viral medication won’t transmit the disease to his or her partner through sex.

That’s according to Caribbean Regional Director of Aids Healthcare Foundation, Dr. Kevin Harvey.

Dr. Harvey is urging people who find out they’re HIV-positive to start treatment immediately!

He says, in the past, people would rush to seek treatment after they began feeling ill or had already been infected with AIDS.

By then, their immune systems would’ve deteriorated badly.

Dr. Harvey says new guidelines show that the risk of people with HIV transmitting it, is significantly reduced if they’re on anti-retro viral medication.

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He says their life expectancy would also be the same as people who don’t have HIV.

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Dr. Harvey says the cost of medication is not expensive, adding that treatment is also simple.

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In the meantime, he says there’s need for more HIV testing.

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Dr. Harvey says the number of people with HIV and AIDS in Jamaica who’re currently receiving treatment needs to be tripled. He says Jamaica is far below the World Health Organization guidelines.

There are approximately 9,000 infected persons in the country who are receiving anti-retro-viral medication. But the WHO says to meet its guidelines, Jamaica must start treating just over 30,000 infected people.