The prolonged drought that affected the country between July and September this year, was even worse than that which gripped the country last year.

That’s according to the Planning Institute of Jamaica, PIOJ.

The PIOJ is reporting that average rainfall during that three month period this year, was only 245 millimeters.

That’s almost 40-percent less than last year.

The drought was most acute on the eastern end of the island, where water production fell by 5.5 percent.

There was a 4-percent increase in water production in the West, which helped to offset the impact on the overall numbers.

According to the PIOJ, Agro-Parks were also an important factor in mitigating the effects of the drought.

Figures obtained from nine Agro-Parks between July and September this year, show a 74-percent increase in agricultural produce.

Still, the PIOJ is reporting that the drought had an impact on inflation, which increased by 2-percent for the review period.

According to the PIOJ, the drought also had a negative effect on economic growth, which was recorded at 1.5 percent for the quarter.