The People’s National Party’s candidate for East Rural St. Andrew, Imani-Duncan Price, says she’s shocked at a complaint to the Political Ombudsman, by her JLP rival, Juliet Holness.

Yesterday, Mrs. Holness wrote to the Ombudsman, Donna Parchment-Brown, complaining of intimidation, thuggery and underhanded tactics from PNP supporters in the constituency.

But Duncan-Price says she’s stunned by the complaint because she’d written Mrs. Holness December 7 last year, seeking a meeting to discuss and to set an example to supporters towards a peaceful campaign.

Imani Duncan-Price says she’s left with great disappointment at the approach that Mrs. Holness took in seeking address the issues she’s raised with the political Ombudsman.

Duncan Price says she reached out to her for a meeting on several occasions but Juliet Holness is yet to respond to any of her invitations.

Duncan-Price says the decision of Mrs. Holness to go to the media first without even addressing her, is not how people should work together for the betterment of the constituency.

She says on December 28, last year, she was forced to write to the Political Ombudsman seeking redress for a campaign sign that had been wilfully destroyed by a supporter of Mrs. Holness.

This she says was done after two and a half weeks of attempting to contact Mrs. Holness directly.

She says she even attempted to reach her via instant messaging but her messages were read without a response.

Duncan-Price says since the December incident, two of her other signs have been vandalized.

She says she encountered Mrs Holness at the re-signing of the Code of Political Conduct at Emancipation Park last week and told her that they should meet and set an example to the electorate in East Rural St. Andrew.

But according to Duncan-Price, Mrs. Holness says the meeting was not necessary.

She says she went further to explain that it was about both political camps being in communication for the well being of the communities but Mrs Holness left without further acknowledgment of her request.

According to Duncan-Price, during the conversation, Mrs. Holness did not make any mention of the incidents that she’s complained to the political ombudsman of.

She says the claims by Mrs. Holness of thuggery being employed in the constituency can taint the communities for years to come.

She’s again asked Mrs. Holness to consider meeting with her to set an example for their supporters rather than seeking to sensationalize potentially harmful situations.