An Observer Nationwide Johnson Poll, says a majority of residents in East Portland feel the JLP’s Ann Marie Vaz would do a better job as Member of Parliament for the constituency.

The poll conducted last Friday and Saturday interviewed 480 registered voters.

According to the data, 48-per cent of respondents believe Mrs. Vaz would do the best job up from 43-per cent from a previous poll conducted on March 1 and 2.

This compares favourably to 32-per cent of those polled who think the PNP’s Damion Crawford would do a better job.

That’s a decrease of 2 percent compared to data collected on March 1 and 2.

Interestingly, 45-per cent of respondents said they attended a meeting or rally for either candidate.

Of those polled 27-per cent said they attended such a rally or meeting with Mrs. Vaz, versus 22 per cent for Mr. Crawford.

According to the poll 27-per cent of respondents believe Mr. Crawford’s comments regarding his education and experience versus that of Mrs. Vaz is a reason to vote for him.

However, 31 per cent cite it as a reason to vote for Mrs. Vaz. Twenty per cent of respondents say those comments aren’t a reason to vote, while 21 per cent don’t know.

When asked if social status and class plays a role in deciding whom to vote for, 37-per cent say that plays a great deal while 18 per cent stated some, but not much.

However, twenty-one per cent of respondents say social status and class doesn’t really factor into their decision and 23-per cent say they don’t know.