The four independent members of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, ECJ, have raised concern about the large number of enumerated persons who say they will not vote in tomorrow’s elections.

The four members raised the concern in a statement published in today’s edition of the Gleaner newspaper.

The members are urging electors from every strata of society to vote, saying it’s good for Jamaica and democracy.

The ECJ members note that public opinion polls indicate that close to 50-percent of the electorate will stay at home.

It notes that this projected voter turnout is in sharp contrast to the 1970s and 1980s.

The highest voter turnout in the history of Jamaican general elections was the 86-point-9-percent, recorded in 1980.

The independent ECJ members say while voter apathy has been increasing around the world, neither political parties nor civil society can be proud of local statistics.

They are urging the church, civil society groups and professional associations to encourage those on the voters’ list to participate in the electoral process.