Ecuador’s president has promised to lower fuel prices across the country after weeks of disruptive mass protests over the cost of living.

Protesters have blocked key roads and staged mass rallies demanding action on fuel and food prices – some of which have turned violent.

In response, President Guillermo Lasso vowed to cut 10 cents a gallon from both petrol and diesel prices.

That is only a third as much as demonstrators had demanded.

Since 2020, the cost of diesel has almost doubled and petrol prices have risen dramatically in the oil-producing nation.

President Lasso also said that despite his move to lower fuel prices, any violent protesters would face consequences for their actions.

The move comes after an initial meting between the government and the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, which began the demonstrations.

No deal was reached, but the two sides agreed to begin dialogue after a state of emergency was lifted.

But the president is also facing political pressure amid the crisis.

Over the weekend, the national parliament began a debate tabled by the opposition on removing him from office. It is set to conclude later this week.