Minister with responsibility for Education, Karl Samuda, says by next month he’ll be able to provide a more fulsome response regarding alternatives for schools tackling teachers’ punctuality.

He says unlike some systems that tackle only staff attendance challenges the Education Ministry is considering technology that may combat both staff and student attendance issues.

Recently it was revealed that several schools have implemented biometric technology which utilizes fingerprinting data to secure attendance data.

Some schools using technology say it has improved their systems of accountability regarding staff attendance and dishonesty.

But, the Education Minister has rejected the use of technology and ordered that schools stop using the system.

He insists the Ministry’s approval should’ve been sought before the system was introduced.

Meanwhile, Minister Samuda says two systems are now under review by the Ministry to help curb the chronic attendance problems plaguing some schools.

The Minister says a solution will be had ahead of the next school term.

But, Mr Samuda was unable to say if any of the two systems under consideration have a fingerprinting component.

In the meantime…Minister Samuda says he’s not overly concerned about not being appointed Education Minister.

He’s been providing oversight of the portfolio for some six months.

Karl Samuda, Minister with responsibility for Education, speaking with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid during Nationwide @ 5 last evening.