Changes to the education system are needed if Jamaica’s to achieve the Vision 2030 targets.

That’s the suggestion being made by President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) Howard Mitchell. The PSOJ boss says it’s also not enough for university graduates to have degrees without being able to think critically.

PSOJ boss, Howard Mitchell, is insistent that Education must be treated as the key to independence. He told those in attendance at the HEART Trust NTA/Vocational Training Development Institute’s TVET in Action 2019 forum in Kingston, there can be no growth without education and development.

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But, the PSOJ boss says there are several challenges in the local education sector that must be addressed.

Mr. Mitchell is challenging education stakeholders to produce rounded graduates at all levels.

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Meanwhile, Mr Mitchell says it’s critical swift changes are made to achieve vision 2030 in a collaborative way.

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