The 69 year old man, Theodus Gregory, who’s accused of cutting the throat of his 67 year old wife may have been suffering from a mental illness.

That’s one of the leads being pursued by the Clarendon police in yesterday’s brutal slaying of Pamella Gregory in Lionel Town in the parish.

Head of the Clarendon Police, Senior Superintendent Glenford Miller, says his men are awaiting medical records to confirm the police theory.

Mrs. Gregory’s body was reportedly found by her grandson in the elderly couple’s bedroom.

The grandson is said to have been barred from entering the room and was attacked by the accused.

Gregory was eventually restrained and taken into custody.

The murder is the second brutal domestic incident recorded in the parish over the last two weeks. Kimesha Wright and her four children were also murdered in Cocoa Piece.

SSP Miller says the brutal killing highlights the need for continued intervention to prevent incidents of domestic violence.

He’s appealing to persons to report suspected cases of domestic violence so that there can be adequate intervention.

SSP Glenroy Miller, Head of the Clarendon Police.

He was speaking with our news centre on Tuesday.