Energy Minister, Fayval Williams, says the government is to reconvene
the Jamaica Energy Council, to ensure collaborative discussions on
issues in the energy sector.

Former Energy Minister and now Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip
Paulwell, has been urging the government to resume  meetings of the
Energy Council which he says has been dormant for some time.

Mrs Williams says her Ministry is moving to develop new energy
policies and legislation.

She says one billion dollars has been set aside in the budget, to
continue to ensure that public facilities are energy efficient.

Mrs Williams says the energy policies will also take into account the
nation’s growth projections.

And Minister Williams says there are also plans to further reduce the
nation’s carbon emissions.

Fayval Williams, Energy Minister delivering the key note address at
the Wartsila Energy Solutions Forum Jamaica, Today.

Wartsila Energy Business says it’s leading the transition towards
100-percent renewable energy.

The firm offers engine-based power plant, including liquid gas
systems, hybrid solar power plants and energy storage and integration