Energy Minister, Daryl Vaz, says he’s cautiously optimistic about the prospects of finding oil off the coast of Jamaica.

An independent evaluation of Jamaica’s prospects of finding oil has shown that there’s potential for more than 2.4-billion barrels of oil off the coast of southern Jamaica.

The oil consulting company is Gaffney and Cline based in the United Kingdom

In its report published on December 8, Gaffney and Cline say the potential 2.4-billion barrels of oil are across 11 areas covering the Walton Morant licence.

Minister Vaz says the former company Tullow Oil had pulled out of the deal, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister Vaz says he does not want to give Jamaicans false hope.

Daryl Vaz, Energy Minister, speaking last evening on Nationwide@5.

In the meantime, Mr Vaz, who’s the MP for West Portland, is describing as a ‘national disgrace’, the Norman Horne Senate appointment saga.

Mr Horne resigned the Senate Friday, after delaying for weeks, despite him being a US citizen and ineligible to sit in the Jamaican Parliament.

In what was then a landmark case in Jamaica, in 2007 Mr Vaz was removed from the House of Representatives because he had obtained US citizenship from his mother.

Then Vaz was State Minister in the then Jamaica Labour Party-led administration. He was eventually returned to the House following a by-election in East Portland.

Mr. Vaz notes that the Norman Horne saga presents a totally different set of circumstances.

The West Portland MP says former PNP President, Dr Peter Phillips owes the country an explanation for recommending Horne for appointment to the Senate despite it being clearly established in law that a person who has renewed and travelled on his US passport as an adult is not qualified to sit in the House.

The West Portland MP also took Horne to task for his role in the stalled Senate appointment saga.

According to Mr Vaz, Mr Horne’s actions will affect his credibility.

Daryl Vaz, West Portland MP, speaking last evening on Nationwide@5 with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.