The West Kingston Commission of Enquiry resumed this morning at the Jamaica Conference Centre, in downtown, Kingston with former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, re-taking the witness stand.

Mr. Golding, who was Prime Minister at the time of the security forces operation into Tivoli Gardens in May, 2010, was again cross-examined by attorney for the JCF, Deborah Martin.

Much of the proceedings so far this morning centred on a ‘situation update’ Mr. Golding said he received from the JCF.

Ms. Martin sought to establish whether the documents Mr. Golding had received contained a list of detainees up to the 24th of May, during the operation into Tivoli Gardens.

After haggling over the particulars of the documents, in terms of what they contained and when they were actually received, Mr. Golding declared that the documents he received did not contain a detainee list.

Mr. Golding also sought to underscrore that the documents he received were from the Constabulary Force and not the JDF.

He said the documents he was being shown this morning had material both from the JCF and the JDF.

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But, the attorney representing the JCF, Deborah Martin, says while Mr. Golding didn’t author the document, he was the one who produced them to the commission.

However, Mr. Golding objected saying he wasn’t able to confirm that he produced the document.

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Deborah Martin, attorney for the JCF

Mr. Golding is now being cross-examined by attorney, Jacqueline Samuels-Brown.

Mrs. Samuels-Brown is representing clergyman, Al Miller, who’s involved in another court matter relating to what she describes as the ‘Dudus affair’.