The West Kingston Commission of Enquiry will not conclude, without getting the necessary ballistics reports on the killings that took place in the operation.

Even if this means adjourning the enquiry at some point!

That’s the commitment of the Chairman of the Commission, Sir David Simmons.

Sir David’s declaration came as former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, suggested that the Commission should focus on investigating the circumstances that led to questionable killing of many civilians during the security forces operation in Tivoli Gardens in May, 2010.

The ballistics reports will show which gun killed or injured the victims.

Bruce Golding, who’s been on the witness stand for three consecutive days, says that’s exactly what the Commission should focus on finding out.

Mr Golding says the Enquiry will fall short if it doesn’t address which persons died in justifiable circumstances and which did not.

More than 70 people were killed during the joint police and military operation to capture Christopher Coke in 2010.

Mr. Golding says the truth about their deaths must be told..

Responding to Mr. Golding’s concern, Sir David said the West Kingston Enquiry would not end without the relevant ballistics reports.