Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission Cordel Green says cable operators should make ethical considerations to compensate customers who lost their premium channels this year.

In April, the Commission issued a directive for cable operators to remove 19 premium channels from their line up for copyright infringement.

Customers have contended that they should be compensated for the lost channels.

Cable operators such as FLOW have insisted that compensation will not be forthcoming.

But Mr. Green who was speaking yesterday at the Rotary Club of Kingston Luncheon, says operators have an ethical responsibility to consider a rebate to customers.

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He says it is appropriate for the matter to be further discussed by cable companies.

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And Mr. Green is contending that cable operators erred by not engaging the public prior to the Broadcasting Commission’s directive.

He says cable operators were given ample time to sufficiently educate their customers about the-then impending actions.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Green says plans are underway to grant a cable license to another player in the industry.

He says the license will see significant expansion by a second cable operator at the national level.

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Mr. Green says digital television switch-over will also play a part in refashioning the competitive landscape.

Digital television switch-over means to move from analogue to digital broadcast. That should come on stream by 2018.

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