There’s an appeal for the Councillor for the Payne Land Division in South West St. Andrew, Audrey Smith Facey, to withdraw her bid to replace Portia Simpson Miller as Member of Parliament for the constituency.

The seat became vacant after Mrs. Simpson Miller, who is also former president of the Opposition People’s National Party, stepped down last month.

Mrs. Simpson Miller has endorsed the bid of Senator and former Mayor of Kingston, Dr. Angela Brown Burke, to replace her.

However, Mrs. Smith Facey intends to challenge Mrs. Brown Burke.

Yesterday she told Nationwide News that she’ll not back out of the race, saying no single person will decide who’ll be the standard bearer for the PNP safe seat.

However, Councillor for the Whitfield Town Division in the constituency, Eugene Kelly, believes Mrs. Smith Facey should avoid challenging Mrs. Brown Burke.

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He says Councillor Karl Blake, of the Greenwich Town Division, will also withdraw his bid for the seat.

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Mr. Kelly admitted he also wanted to be MP for the constituency. But he says Mrs. Brown Burke will be able to generate the necessary resources for the constituents.

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