Director of the Meteorological Service Jamaica, Evan Thompson says Jamaicans can expect near-to-normal rainfall going through the Christmas season.

He was speaking on Nationwide this morning.

Jamaica’s rainy seasons are in April-May and October, but the island has been faced with less-than-normal rainfall this year.

However, Mr. Thompson says the drought is over based on the data collected for current rainfall patterns across the island.

Mr. Thompson says the parishes that were gravely affected are no longer experiencing drought conditions.

Evan Thompson, Director of the Meteorological Service Jamaica speaking on Nationwide this morning with Kalilah Reynolds and Patria-Kaye Aarons.

Mr. Thompson says they’re still keeping a close eye on a number of parishes that are experiencing less-than-normal rainfall.

The Met Service Director says the changes in the climate may result in more dry periods and increased lightning events.

He says the Caribbean could also see stronger hurricanes.

Evan Thompson, Director of the Meteorological Service Jamaica.