Four policemen, charged with discharging their guns at a dance in Spanish Town, in January last year killing Romeo Marks, return to the St Catherine Parish Court today.

They’re Constables Dumar Ducally, Leeshawn Billins, Noel Ingram and Davion King.

They’re facing charges of manslaughter and unlawfully discharging their firearms in a public place and wilfully making a false statement to mislead the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

Reports from INDECOM are that on January, 24, 2016, the policemen were attending a dance at Crescent, in Spanish Town, which was put on by another policeman.

A song selection by incarcerated dancehall entertainer, VybzKartel, triggered the support of patrons, some of whom allegedly fired their guns as a salute.

Allegations are that the policemen fired their guns in support and Marks was shot.

He died in hospital.

During investigations by INDECOM, the policemen denied firing their guns.

However, investigators said bullet casings collected at the scene by INDECOM matched bullets used by the policemen.