While the nation celebrated fathers yesterday, the police were kept busy investigating a string of violent acts across the island that left 7 men dead and another nursing gunshot wounds.

The string of violent acts marred Father’s Day activities.

At least two of the men who were affected by the violent incidents are fathers.

William Mitchell has been looking at the bloodletting on Father’s Day and files this report.

Shortly before 2:30 yesterday afternoon, 58 year old higgler, Anthony Powell, was leaving the premises of the Hanover Street Baptist Church in Central Kingston, when he was pounced upon by unknown assailants.

Mr. Powell was shot multiple times and is believed to have died on the spot.

It’s alleged Mr. Powell had a criminal past, but, he’s since turned his life around.

Residents of his community say he’s even become a Christian.

But the father of three was gunned down metres from the church he attends regularly.

And he’s not the only father who was shot on Father’s Day.

Kevin Kitson is one of two men who were shot about 3 hours earlier in Olympic Gardens, St. Andrew.

According to reports, Kitson was among a group of four men on Wint Road, when they were approached by gun men who opened fire.

Kitson later died of his injuries.

Another man was injured during the shooting. Sources say he’s a father of two.

Yesterday’s bloodletting started just after midnight, when 44 year old laborer Rodney Myles was gunned down in Rosemount Gardens, St. James.

About 5 hours later, the police were called to the house of a 70 year old man from Kintyre, St. Andrew.

The man, Phillip Grant, was found dead outside his house with stab wounds.

Meanwhile, the St. Ann police, discovered the body of 53 year old taxi driver, Howard Rudlings, who was last seen on Saturday.

Mr. Rudlings was reportedly stabbed to death.

Twenty-two year old labourer, Michael Wolffe was killed by unknown assailants in Clarendon.

And the St. Catherine South police are investigating the discovery of an unidentified body in Old Harbour.

It’s believed the person is in his early 30’s.