Nationwide News understands that a feud among students at The Queen’s School, in St. Andrew, is disrupting normal operations there and resulted in the injuring of some students.

Sources at the all-girls institution tell Nationwide News that the feud is between warring groups of girls.

The problems reportedly escalated since last week.

It’s reported that last Tuesday, a fight erupted, resulting in the stabbing of two girls who had to be hospitalised.

Nationwide News has been told that another fight broke out at the school yesterday, forcing teaching to end prematurely at 12 PM.

We’ve been told there was no teaching there today and that continued fighting has also disrupted ongoing exams.

Sources at The Queen’s School say the problems caused an emergency crisis meeting yesterday.

That meeting – involving the school’s Board – reportedly went on late into yesterday evening.

It’s not clear what’s causing the feud.

When Nationwide News contacted the school this afternoon, the Principal’s Secretary told us that the Principal, Jennifer Williams, is unavailable for comment as she’s in a meeting.

That meeting involved the Principal and members of the school’s Board.

We were told to call back tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Director of Corporate Communications in the Education Ministry, Byron Buckley, says the Ministry’s Regional Office is awaiting a preliminary report from the school.

He says the Ministry is aware of ongoing problems at the school but wouldn’t say anything beyond that.