The first batch of Jamaicans farm workers for 2020 departed the island for Canada, last Friday.

A total of 228 workers have left to take up employment opportunities under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme.

The send-off ceremony was held for the workers at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s Overseas Employment Services Centre in downtown Kingston.

State Minister for Labour and Social Security, Zavia Mayne, reminded the workers that as ambassadors for Jamaica, they are expected to always maintain a good name, character and reputation.

More than 10 thousand Jamaican workers go to Canada annually with approximately 85 per cent of these being returning workers.

Over 230 people have participated in the programme in Canada over the last five decades.

Of this year’s batch, 1 hundred and 85 have participated in the programme before, in some cases for five to 10 and up to 15 years.

The majority of the workers will be dispatched to Ontario where they will be engaged in planting, irrigating, weeding, working in greenhouses and on poultry farms, and in fruit and vegetable production.