The prosecution’s first witness in the Klansman Gang Trial has corroborated claims by the second witness that people are forced to join the criminal organisation.

The first witness was recalled to the stand today, to face cross examination by attorney for Bryan Morris, Denise Hinson.

Ms Hinson was assigned to Morris late.

According to the witness he was forced to join the gang by Andre Bryan the man he says headed the One Don faction of the criminal organisation.

According to the witness, “once yuh a deal wid dem gangster yah yuh know yuh caan refuse, once yuh refuse yuh know yuh ago dead.”

He says he came to that understanding after what he calls reasoning with his friend who introduced him to Bryan, a man he calls Frazzle, now deceased.

The witness said, “sir, once yuh not with dem yuh gonna be murdered that’s how Jamaica run”.