The board of the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA, has resigned.

The Ministry of National Security made the announcement in a statement this morning.

The Ministry says following a series of debriefing sessions, the FLA Board has tendered a letter of resignation to National Security Minister, Robert Montague.

In the letter, the board members reportedly say they’re stepping down to protect their integrity and that of the institution.

In addition, it says the members feel the current debate is distracting from the government’s crime fighting strategies.

As a result of the board’s resignation, Minister Montague has approved an interim plan of action.

This includes a seven-working day freeze on the approval of gun licenses and permits.

During this time, the FLA’s CEO, Shane Dalling is to provide an update of the progress of the Security Ministry’s Assessment Report on the FLA 2017, also known as the Allen Report.

He’s to report on the status of the implementation of the recommendations to the Minister.

Additionally, Mr Dalling and the FLA staff must give full support to the Justice Seymour Panton-led Review Panel to ensure full transparency and the integrity of the FLA.

In the meantime, Minister Montague is apologising to the public, especially the bird shooting and sport shooting fraternities for any inconveniences during the transition.

The FLA Board has been embroiled in controversy since last week, when allegations emerged of corruption.

It’s alleged that the Board approved gun licenses for suspected criminals and that some members had accepted payments in exchange for the licenses being granted.