Opposition Senator, Floyd Morris, has hit back at those who’ve criticized the People’s National Party’s treatment of it’s young members, Damion Crawford and Raymond Price.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Morris describes as baseless charges that the party has essentially discarded the two young aspiring politicians.

Both Damion Crawford and Raymond Price were replaced by the PNP in selection exercises for the constituencies of East Rural St. Andrew and North East St. Elizabeth respectively.

Several party supporters say their de-selections were one of many reasons why the PNP failed to win the February 25 polls.

This week PNP supporters vented their anger on social media over the fact that neither Pryce nor Crawford were selected for the Senate.

Senator Morris says, “I am personally hurt by this because Raymond is my cousin and Damion is my Taylorite and Butcher brother and I can say friend.”

He says, “I would never ever sit in a room where an unjust act is going to be committed to a family or friend.”

Senator Morris also defended PNP leader, Portia Simpson Miller, whom he says is directly responsible for the rise of both Mr. Pryce and Mr. Crawford.

He argues that on this basis she’d never discard them after bringing them so far.