Food prices rose by nearly 3% in November.

That’s according to the latest All Jamaica Consumer Price Index, released yesterday by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STATIN.

The index measures inflation, or price changes for various categories of goods and services purchased by households.

Food is the most heavily weighted category in the index.

STATIN says there’s been an upward trend in prices for agricultural produce, such as cabbage, carrot and potato.

The cost of vegetables and starchy foods went up nearly 10% last month.

Another heavily weighted category, Transport, saw a slight uptick of half-a-percent in prices.

STATIN says higher petrol prices contributed to the increase. However, prices for housing and utilities actually fell in November.

According to the Statistical Institute, this was mainly due to lower electricity rates.

Overall, inflation rose by 1.3% last month. This brings inflation to 5.7% since January.

While point-to-point inflation, which measures the last twelve months, stands at 4.6% – in line with the country’s target.

Inflation for November was highest in the Greater Kingston Metropolitan Area, were average prices rose 2%.