An ex-member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force has been sentenced to life in prison for a murder committed in May 2017.

Former Constable Oshane Thompson will have to served 20 years and eight months before being eligible for parole.

Thompson, who goes by the alias ‘Di Di’ killed Kriston Pearson at a party in May on May 7, 2017, in St. Mary.

The two had an argument over a woman.

Following the killing, Thomspon resigned from the JCF shortly after the killing and fled to the United States where he settled in Mount Vernon, New York.

In a press release on its website in 2018, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, reported that Thompson was deported to Jamaica.

Nationwide News sources indicate Thompson was nabbed by ICE after getting married and filing papers to receive a green card.

His status as wanted in Jamaica was revealed in his background check.

At the time, ICE said the former member of the Constabulary was removed from the US and transferred into the custody of Jamaican law enforcement officials.

In a statement today, INDECOM said Thompson was charged after an investigation by the oversight body.

Thompson’s trial began in July this year and he was found guilty on September 24.