Opposition Spokesperson on Education, the Reverend Ronald Thwaites is encouraging Hampton school Principal, Heather Murray, to reach out to the alleged victim of sexual abuse involving the Manchester based Moravian Pastor.

The police say they found the 15-year-old girl with the accused, Rupert Clarke, in what was described as a “compromising position.”

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Mrs. Murray is receiving heavy backlash for her presence and actions outside the St Elizabeth Parish courthouse following the bail hearing for Clarke last week.

An online petition by a Facebook group, calling itself ‘Jamaicans United Against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse’ is demanding her dismissal.

However, Reverend Thwaites this morning vouched for the principal’s character. He’s describing the backlash as being “overblown”.

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He’s also describing Mrs. Murray’s move to try to distract the media in a bid to prevent them from capture images of the accused as he was being led away from the courtroom as an “emotional reaction.”

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Meanwhile, Mr. Thwaites says the church must condemn acts of sexual misconduct. He says it also has a duty to seek to convert those who prey on women and children.

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