A former member of the Jamaica Defense Force, female soldier, Chaneque Gardener, is calling on the JDF, to compensate her, after she was allegedly ridiculed for being diagnosed with depression.

Speaking on Cliff Hughes Online this morning, Ms. Gardner said the JDF is responsible for her depression.

She explained that it was difficult to execute her duties effectively.

Ms. Gardner says her mental health worsened over time because of ongoing conflicts with the JDF.

She adds that she was admitted to Ward 21.

The former woman soldier says she was also sent to Bellevue Hospital for seven days.

Chaneque Gardener, former JDF soldier speaking this morning on Cliff Hughes Online.

And in response the JDF told Nationwide News that the former service member did not tell the whole story.

Colonel General Staff at JDF, Colonel Rohan Johnson, is seeking to reassure the public that Ms. Gardener was given support from the unit.

Colonel Johnson notes that her maternity leave was extended to facilitate her condition.

Colonel Johnson says the former soldier was assessed thoroughly by internal and external medical professionals.

Colonel Rohan Johnson, Colonel General Staff at JDF

And Legal Officer at the the Jamaica Defense Force, Captain Coleen Weise says the arrest of Ms. Gardener while she was breast feeding was not unethical:

Captain Coleen Weise, Legal Officer at JDF.