The Ministry of Labour has confirmed that two of former Labour Minister Derrick Kellier’s daughters were employed by the Ministry of Labour during his tenure.

Diana Kellier is a Special Projects Officer at Osprey Developers Company Limited, a subsidiary of the National Insurance Fund. Sachelle Kellier is a Liason Officer under the Canadian Agricultural Workers’ Programme.

Both women were hired in February 2012, just a month after the PNP administration took office.

Nationwide News had requested the information under the Access to Information Act in October last year. However, no response was provided until March 9, following the change of administration.

Under the Access to Information Act, the information requested is to be provided within 30 days.

Several calls to Mr. Kellier over the past few days have gone unanswered.

Meanwhile, Former Contractor General Greg Christie is applauding Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie, for instructing officials at the National Solid Waste Management Authority, NSWMA, not to hire his son, Marcus McKenzie.

Marcus had applied for an advertised position at the NSWMA, but Minister McKenzie says he intervened after he found out about the application.

Writing on Twitter, Mr. Christie says Minister McKenzie did the right thing, and should be applauded.

He says – quote – We often fail to grasp the fact that while an act may be perfectly lawful, it can otherwise be fraught with a perception that it’s unethical.

In such instances, one must weigh the pros and cons of proceeding with the act. Why? Because, often times, perception is also critical.

This is more so in matters involving public office. It may be better to abandon the act, rather than do it and then try to explain it away – end quote.