Former National Workers’ Union President, Vincent Morrison, is contesting the validity of the delegates’ list submitted by the union to the Peoples’ National Party’s National Executive Council, NEC.

The list which was the centre of controversy at last Sunday’s NEC meeting is now being investigated by the PNP’s Secretariat.

Mr. Morrison describes the list of delegates which is to be used in the upcoming selection exercise for the PNP President as appalling.

Chevon Campbell has that story.

A crying shame!

That’s how Mr. Morrison has described the list of delegates provided by the NWU to be used in the election of PNP President.

It’s understood that tempers flared at Sunday’s NEC meeting where the list was presented when some supporters accused the NWU leadership of providing a bogus list.

Mr. Morrison who served the NWU for decades described a detailed process and the requirements for inclusion on the delegates’ list.

He says this is the first time he’s seen a list which he deems was created specifically to choose one candidate over the other.

The former NWU President pointed to several people who he claims have no business being on the delegates’ list.

Mr. Morrison acrimoniously split with the NWU in 2014.
General Secretary of the NWU, Granville Valentine, has himself endorsed

Mr. Bunting in his bid to become PNP President.

Efforts to contact Mr. Valentine for comment were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, at least one person who’s been named by Mr. Morrison is defending his inclusion on the delegates’ list.

Speaking with Nationwide News, former West St. Mary MP Jolyan Silvera, says he’s been a direct member of the NWU since 2018.

He says there should be no contention with his inclusion on the Union’s list.

Mr. Silvera say’s he’s being targeted because he’s supporting Peter Bunting for PNP president.

When questioned why he chose to join the NWU in 2018 he had this to say.

Jolyan Silvera, former Member of Parliament for West St. Mary.