Former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, says he’s completely satisfied that the deal with the Chinese to build the North-South leg of Highway 2000 was a good one.

This includes the offering of over 1200 acres of land to China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) in order to help them recoup their USD$720-million investment.

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Last week Managing Director of the National Road Operating and Constructing Company, NROCC, Ivan Anderson told a parliamentary committee that the land was not valued.

Mr. Golding says he was shocked by that disclosure.

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The former Prime Minister adds that there would be no controversy if the government had taken a loan to pay for the road, rather than offer land to the Chinese company.

However, he says that move would’ve increased the country’s debt stock.

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Mr. Golding was Prime Minister during the time the deal with CHEC was initially proposed and negotiated. He was speaking on Nationwide This Morning.