Former PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, says he has no regrets about penning a letter to the People’s National Party, PNP’s National Executive Council, NEC, where he claimed his wife, Dr. Angela Brown Burke deceived him.

Mr. Burke says he and his wife remain on good terms.

In the 14-page letter Mr. Burke sent to the party’s officer corps, he says Dr. Brown Burke told him repeatedly that she’d not declare for either candidate.

According to the former PNP General Secretary, his wife’s approach to declaring her hand was disingenuous.

The letter was disclosed by Nationwide News, this morning.

Speaking with Mark Wignal, on Cliff Hughes On Line, this morning, Mr. Burke says he spoke with his wife before writing to the PNP’s NEC.

Mr. Burke says he and his wife, often have differing views. He says Dr. Brown-Burke has reacted positively to the letter.

Paul Burke, Former PNP General Secretary.