Four people are now confirmed dead, following a major traffic crash involving a mini bus on Highway 2000 this morning. 

Eyewitnesses reported seeing multiple bodies scattered along the road way.

Wayne Walker reports.

Bodies everywhere.

That’s how an eyewitness described the carnage on the Spanish Town leg of Highway 2000 shortly after 11 this morning.

The eyewitness told our news center that the pavement was drenched in blood.

Preliminary reports from the police had indicated that as many as eight people had died. 

The Corporate Communications Unit of the Constabulary has since confirmed four fatalities. 

Head of of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch, SSP Gary McKenzie, says the driver of the mini-bus encountered difficulties on approaching the Spanish Town exit of the highway. 

The senior law man says eleven persons are currently hospitalised. Several of the victims are said to be in critical condition. 

More than 108 persons have been killed in traffic crashes since the start of the year.