The attorney representing the Office of the Public Defender, Lord Anthony Gifford, has submitted to the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, that retired Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Stewart Saunders and the army’s mortar expert, Major Warrenton Dixon, should be charged with murder.

Lord Gifford made the recommendation in his final submission to the enquiry today.

He submitted that the JDF lied about the use of mortars during the May 2010 operation in Tivoli Gardens to capture Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

The attorney for the JDF, Linton Gordon, responded saying the use of the mortars was warranted.

It was Major General Saunders who authorized the use of mortars in the deadly operation.

Major Dixon, the JDF’s mortar expert, testified before the Enquiry, that he fired 37 of the deadly rounds into three open spaces in Tivoli.

He noted that none of the mortars were discharged in the community of Java. But Lord Gifford has asked the Commission to reject Major Dixon’s testimony.

The Queens Counsel says at least one mortar round was fired into Java, killing one resident.

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The attorney for the JDF, Linton Gordon says the JDF had no choice but to employ the use of the mortars, as they were facing an unprecedented situation.

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He’s also rejected a submission from INDECOM, that Major General Saunders face murder and manslaughter charges.

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