The government was this afternoon forced to adjust plans for Father’s Day 2019, after facing backlash, from lobby groups, including a religious organization.

The Men of God Against Violence and Abuse, MoGAVA, is a faith-based organization that exists primarily to mobilize men to play their rightful roles in society.

It wrote to Prime Minister Andrew Holness about his administration’s plans to celebrate this year’s Fathers’ Day, demanding a response by tomorrow.

The government had previously announced it would be celebrating Fathers’ Day this Sunday under the theme, ‘National Family Day: Furthering Healthy Families with Fathers’.

It also announced plans to launch a gender-based anti-violence initiative on Fathers’ Day.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Already there is a widespread belief that the annual celebration of Fathers’ Day, does not receive as much support nationally, as Mothers’ Day.

And MoGAVA saw the government’s plans to launch Caribbean Woman, Caribbean Child, CARIWAC, a gender-based, anti-violence initiative, on Sunday, as further confirmation of that notion.

The campaign was to be launched by the Office of the Prime Minister and the Gender Ministry, in collaboration with the Planning Institute of Jamaica, PIOJ.

It’s why the organisation has created a video, which it’s circulating on social media, to demand that Fathers’ Day be properly dedicated to fathers.

In the video, MoGAVA’s Reverend Jason Downer, and Reverend Courtney Morrison, expressed their dissatisfaction at how the State had planned to celebrate the day originally meant to pay homage to fathers.

The PIOJ says following the outrage, it’s decided to reschedule the launch of CariWaC, and to celebrate this Sunday under the theme, ‘National Fathers’ Day: Furthering Healthy Families with Fathers’.

It says the Office of the Prime Minister will host 100 fathers and their families, as it recognizes the excellence and dedication of fathers.

According to the PIOJ, there are numerous examples of fathers having the determination to overcome challenges to effectively play their roles.

It says children in State care, who would not have spent the day with their fathers, will also be included and exposed to the role of the father in the heart of a healthy family.